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Material and Services Charges Polling Information

SEHS seeks your support to vote in favour of the 2018 Materials and Service Charges, recommended by the Salisbury East High School Governing Council.

It is a requirement of the Education Act 1972 that parents vote to endorse the compulsory payment of the full fee amounts approved by the Governing Council. 

These funds provide an important contribution to the delivery of quality educational services to students. Any shortfall may have an impact on the quality of curriculum materials and services provided to students.

The Salisbury East High School Governing Council has had considerable discussion around what the charges should be and the benefits that will be provided. A community forum for parents has also been conducted to seek the views of parents on the charges and the associated benefits. All monies collected will be allocated directly to curriculum areas to contribute to the best education opportunities for every student, including access to quality resources and technology services. It is important the school is able to collect these fees to continue to support our programs effectively and maintain a quality learning environment.

The SEHS Governing Council has surveyed other schools and identified the proposed fees are very reasonable when compared to other public secondary sites (in the same category) that also include subject fees and/or increasing amounts for senior students like other schools. The amounts approved by Governing Council are: $445 per year for years 8-12 students; $445 per year for years 11-12 SEAL students; $445 per year for SEAL years 8-10 students.

Families with school card approval (means tested) have $310 paid for them by the Department and will not be required to pay the additional charge unless they wish to do so voluntarily. The school provides a variety of payment options, (without incurring any additional cost or penalty): MasterCard, Visa credit and debit cards, Direct Debit, online using BPoint on the school website, instalment agreement, School Card and Centrepay.

More information and arrangements can be made by contacting the school. Should you have any queries or require further information regarding school fees please do not hesitate to contact the school or a Governing Council member on 8258 2070 or email to dl.101 l.info@schools.sa.edu.au. Thank you for your consideration and voting in this important aspect of your student's education.

Principal letter

Voting slip Years 8-12

Voting slip Years 8-10 SEAL

Voting slip Years 11-12 SEAL

Created on Wednesday, 3 January 2018 4:29:59 PM