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Salisbury East
South Australia 5109


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Parent Interviews

We strongly encourage all parent/caregiver(s) to attend our Term 1 parent interview evening on Thursday, May 3rd between 3 and 7 p.m.

Interview appointments can be made by clicking on the 'Student Intranet' button after accessing the eSchool Solutions portal at https://salisburyeasths.eschoolsolutions.com.au or by clicking on the eSchool Solution tab within ‘portals’ on our website http://salisburyeasths.eschoolsolutions.com.au.

The login details are: 

Username: first name<space>last name 

Example:  joe blogs

Password: date of birth, dd/mm/yy

Example: 07/03/03

Families are also able to access ‘help’ documents via this website and/or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/salisburyeasthighschool

Created on Sunday, 29 April 2018 8:37:35 PM