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Make an Online Payment

An online payment system, known as BPoint, is accessible on our website to provide parents/caregivers and students with the option to make 'one off' payments. Please note that only Visa and MasterCard credit cards, and MasterPass, can be used.

Payments that you can make

  • Materials and Services Charges and other invoiced amounts can be paid in full or by instalments
  • Non-invoiced amounts, for example excursions, camps, competitions and sporting activities, can be paid by providing sufficient information in the ‘Description’ field (see below)
Please note: each field on the BPoint page can take up to 50 characters. This allows:
  • Multiple invoices to be entered in the ‘Description’ field
  • The name of the student and/or the person paying the amount to be entered into the ‘Family Name’ field
  • Details of non-invoiced amounts, for example excursions, to be entered in the ‘Description’ field

Instructions for payment 

Click on the BPoint icon here (a pop-up window will appear) and follow the instructions below.

1. Enter the Family ID (this is shown on school invoices and statements)

2. Enter the Family Name

3. Enter the Description or Invoice Number

4. Enter the total amount of the payment in Australian Dollars

5. Check the details you have entered

6. Click on the relevant credit card icon

7. Complete your credit card details:

a. credit card number

b. expiry date

c. verification code (CVN) - i.e. the three-digit code on the back of the credit card

8. Ensure all details are correct

9. Click the 'Proceed' button

10. A delay of three to five seconds will occur while the transaction is processed

11. A receipt will be shown – you can either print this or have it emailed to you by entering your email address and clicking the 'Send' button

12. Exit the payment page

If you have any queries in regard to using BPoint please contact SEHS on 8258 2070 to assist you with this process.

Created on Monday, 18 March 2019 3:40:45 PM